IndigoSat specializes and focuses on 5 predominant satellite communication sectors. Explore each sector and its associated applications below.

Indigosat Aircraft tracking and communication solutions icon

Indigosat AIR is the brand that underpins the core of our passion. From small beginnings fifteen years ago in this sector, we have developed into the “go to” tracking partner to our customers. The aviation sector remains a largely under-serviced, due to the communication infrastructure not being available once airborne.

Indigosat provides a cost effective, yet powerful, global communication solution. Despite rapidly changing technology in this sector, we continue to provide state of the art, “best in class” solutions.

Icon - Satellite communications for air, land and sea

Satellite communication has been around for decades and is now an essential means of communication. The reliability and speed of information over a satellite connection. Indigosat has had decades of experience in the satellite communication field, and this valuable knowledge is available to guide our customers on the right solution to fit their communication needs.


Graphic for Indigosat rugged mining satellite communication solutions

The mining industry globally continually strives to have a zero harm environment in all facets of its operations and have introduced sophisticated technology to assist with this safety and sustainability program. The satellite connectivity ability offered by Indigosat MINE assists all mining operations deliver on their promises of transparency and accountability.

Graphic - Military Satellite Communication Solutions by Indigosat

Globally, long term military operations have become long-term and extremely demanding on the serviceman. IndigosatMIL is able to provide the most powerful and effective satellite communication available to address both operational communications, as well as addressing the needs of the personnel, thereby boosting their morale, often in the most challenging environments.

Satellite communications for governments by Indigosat

IndigoSat GOV are fully equipped to provide Governments across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, with an affordable satellite communication solution. This comprises of a swift and simple set up and deployment, whilst providing extremely powerful performance. We are also fully aware of the vital need for secure and tactical transfer of information and have ticked all the boxes that will ensure total confidentiality.