IndigoDUO Aircraft Tracking
IndigoDUO Aircraft Tracking

IndigoDUO Aircraft Tracking

The indigoDUO is a portable, glareshield mountable tracking device providing global aircraft tracking and simple two-way text communication in in-flight using Iridium, the only 100% global communication network.
It has quick access tools using the physical buttons on the front panel, along with a complete set of tracking, messaging and in-flight features built into the indigoCONNECT App. The unit comes with a quick release mounting tray to enable carry-on installations as well as external antenna for larger commercial fleet applications.
The indigoDUO also allows two-way messages to be sent using a paired Bluetooth device (Android & iOS compliant) via the IndigoCONNECT app. This allows for full two-way communication wherever you are, even when out of mobile network range. The combination of GSM and Iridium provides a cost effective and truly global assurance of tracking and communicating with your assets wherever they may be.

Indigo Duo Aircraft Tracking Device


  • Automatic Iridium®/GSM switching
  • Automatic power up/power down (when externally powered)
  • Self-powered or powered via 5V USB, or 28vDC Molex
  • Internal battery for backup and shutdown reports
  • Mark waypoints/POI’s
  • Manual distress enable/cancel
  • Watch Me enable/cancel
  • 5 Definable event triggers via digital input
  • Internal high definition logging (Micro SD Card)
  • Bluetooth enabled for messaging and United Nations form submission (Via IndigoCONNECT with compatible device)
indigoDUO is a portable, glareshield mountable tracking device providing global aircraft tracking

Configurable Automatic Flight Events

  • Aircraft Power On/Off
  • Chocks On/Off
  • Takeoff/Landing
  • Hover In/Out (Requires digital connection)

High Priority Configurable Automated Events

  • Significant Altitude Increase/Decrease
  • External Power loss
  • Geofence breach
Technical Specifications
  • 5V USB Powered OR 9V - 30V Variable DC input
  • 99mm x 119mm x 24mm
  • 208 grams
  • 1850 mAH internal Backup Battery
  • DO-160G certified
  • FCC & CE Approved
  • Internal Triple Antenna
  • External SMA Connected antenna options
  • Iridium 9603N Short Burst Data Module
  • uBlox GPS accuracy up to 1m
  • 3G/HSPA GSM internal module
  • Internal MicroSD Card

Utilizing Iridium® SBD Services

100% Global Coverage

Iridium Satellite LLC is the only provider of truly global mobile satellite voice and data solutions through a a constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites operated by Boeing. There is complete coverage of the Earth’s oceans, airways and Polar Regions

Satellite for communication purposes orbiting earth


IndigoCONNECT is the (iOS/Android) partner app for the IndigoDUO unit. As the IndigoDUO is Bluetooth enabled, the crew can easily use their smartphone/tablets to send and receive short text messages via the unit from anywhere in the world back to ground ops and vice versa.

When connected via Bluetooth the smartphone/tablet becomes the IndigoDUO's remote screen/keyboard.

IndigoCONNECT Features

  • Easy to Use simplicity
  • Android and iOS Compatible
  • Bi-Directional free text messaging
  • Message Sending Confirmation
  • United Nations Compliant Manual Form Submissions
  • Internal Backup Battery Status display
  • Remote Panic/SOS activation/cancel and Status display
  • Visual and Audible Notifications
MiTrac tracking platform for aircraft fleets


MiTrac is a web-based tracking platform, included with any IndigoSat SA hardware. The system is easy to use with a logical layout - Split into four main sections, Overview for current fleet locations and status, History for historical flights split by day and per flight leg, Reports for generating adhoc or scheduling automatic reports, Alerts for configuring automatic notifications based on user set rules/parameters.

Various map options including SkyVector powered charts VRF,World Low & World High as optional.


MiTrac is PC/MAC compatible and can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring you can always monitor and manage your fleet with the convenience of access from any PC or grabbing your smartphone from your pocket.

MiTrac Features

  • Web-based Tracking - No Installation Required
  • Multi User Enabled
  • Multi Language Enabled
  • Multiple Map Sets
  • Multiple Cost Centers & Groups for Aircraft and Users
  • Local (per user) and GMT Time Reference
  • User Configurable Notifications, Theme and Information Fields
  • User Changes Audit Trail
  • Multiple Security Groups and Assignable Users
  • Automated Reports
  • Advanced Notifications Panel