If you are planning on using the satellite airtime to initiate calls and/or sms's from within Africa ONLY, then the Africa Plan would be the most cost effective route to follow. The Africa plan is limited to outgoing calls from within Africa, Note however that you can receive calls from any destination (WorldWide)
  • Outbound Calls from your Satellite Device on Africa Plan - LIMITED TO AFRICA
  • Inbound Calls to your Satellite Device on Africa Plan - WORLDWIDE
If you need to be able initiate calls outside of Africa, then you'll need a WorldWide Plan.

Pre-Paid Iridium Voice & SMS Airtime - Africa

Outgoing African Unit Call Charges

Calls to Landlines/Cellphones
Per Minute

24 Units

Calls to Iridium/VoiceMail
Per Minute

18 Units

Calls to other Satellite Networks
Per Minute

324 Units

Calls to 4444 Support
Per Minute

O Units - Free

SMS / Extreme SOS
Per Minute

12 Units

  • All calls are round-up and billed in 20 second increments.
  • Calls to the support line are free of charge - simply dial +1 480 752 5105 from your Iridium handset.
  • With Iridium the receiving party never pays for any call - Iridium is thus far cheaper than cellular roaming.
  • Retrieve prepaid balances by dialling 2888 from your Iridium Satellite Phone
  • All Iridium handsets can receive SMS messages from other Iridium subscribers. SMS to cell phones and visa versa is not available.
  • SMS messages can be sent free of charge to Iridium subscribers from www.iridium.com. Messages are limited to 160 characters.
  • SMS messages can also be sent to Iridium subscribers via email
  • Iridium handsets can send 160 character messages to email
  • Africa Plan - Restricted to only make calls from within Africa, but can call to anywhere worldwide. Can also receive calls worldwide.
  • Rollover of unused airtime upon recharge - Subject to being done prior to account expiry - IndigoSat will send email notifications in this regard.
  • Sim swaps billed at $150