Kymeta u8 Comms On The Move

The new Kymeta u8 Comms on the Move (COTM) terminal provides a complete connectivity solution for on-the-go communications when and where you need it.


  • Low profile aerodynamic terminal
  • Multi-WAN and cellular capabilities in the same terminal
  • Full controller terminal metrics for easy management and maintenance
  • Reusable shipping box for out of the box installation anywhere
  • Multi-Satellite capable with GEO and LEO compatibility




• Satellite connecitivity in less than 1 minute
• Dimensions: 90mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 14mm (H)
• 12V to 24V DC
• Integrated 3G and LTE with Dual sim card slots
• Ruggedised IP66 Antenna
• Industry leading fast satellite acquisition technology
• -40deg C to +50deg C operations 
• Tracking antenna with speeds exceeding 200km/h


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