Cobham Aviator UAV 200

The Cobham UAV 200 is an extremely reliable and lightweight (1.45kg) UAV command and control solution for BLOS (Beyond-Line-Of-Sight) data and flight control requirements.


  • Small Class 4 terminal
  • Tactical command and control BLOS
  • Easy to setup and operate with Android and iOS apps
  • Speeds up to 200kbps
  • Ultra compact for easy emergency deployment




• Dimensions (Antenna): 240 mm (L) x 160 mm (W) x 60 mm (D)
• Weight (Antenna): 1.45kg 
• Global operational up to 5 deg elevation 
• 14V to 28V voltage limits
• Single terminal and single line integration
• Speeds up to 200kbps
• Ethernet and RS232 connections
• Micro-D connector interface