Iridium Aurora

The Aurora is an intelligent satellite marine & vehicular Pbx solution offering Iridium network capabilities on an Asterisk Operating System. This enables unlimited deployments with unrivalled capabilities in a satellite voice solution.


  • The toughest marine & vehicular satellite Pabx
  • Voice, SMS, tracking and Wi-Fi Solutions from Anywhere on the planet
  • Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
  • Built on the popular Asterisk Operating System with numerous capabilities
  • Apps available in iOS and Android stores


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• Dimensions: 185mm Diameter , 180mm High
• Weight: 1.8 kg 
• -20 deg C to +70 deg C operational tempreture
• PoE powered by a single wire
• Built in firewall which blocks all traffic except compressed web and email
• Allows up to 4 devices to be connected at one time
• The GPS feed is broadcast via WiFi onboard
• Simple access to voice, data and tracking services


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