• Global satellite coverage
  • Internal high definition data recording internally at 1 second intervals
  • Automatic or Manual power switching modes
  • Automatic Flight Events
    • Power Up
    • Blocks Off
    • Takeoff
    • Cruise
    • Landing
    • Blocks On
    • Power Down
  • Bi-Directional text messaging via Bluetooth (Android & IOS App)
    • Free form text message in chat format
    • Canned/Template message with append
  • Flight folio forms
    • Departure form
    • Arrival form
  • Internal 3D Geo-fence detection and notification
    • Geofence 3D - Multipoint for No-Go & Keep-in area's
    • Location 3D - Centre point with Radius for locations
  • Phase of flight detection with configurable report rates per phase
    • Stationary - Time based report rate
    • Taxi - Time, distance and heading report rate
    • InFlight - Time, distance and heading report rate
    • Cruise - Time, distance and heading report rate
  • Internal backup battery
    • Designed primarily for backup, the device can operate off its own internal battery
  • Dynamic SOS/Alert (rate configurable)
    • Manually triggered SOS via device or app
    • Automatic trigger on
      • External loss of power while in flight
      • 3d Geofence breach
      • Extreme heading change
      • Extreme altitude increase/decrease
  • Mark position function via device or app
  • Inbound text acknowledgement function
  • Internal or External Antenna configurable
    • Internal Iridium & GPS (+Glonass) antenna
    • SMA connector for external GPS (+Glonass) antenna option
    • SMA connector for external Iridium antenna - or combination Iridium + GPS (+Glonass)
  • Optional cable for 2x digital inputs.
  • DO-160-G Certified

MiWingman is a little blue box that is simple in form factor, but packed with advanced features.

Satellite for communication purposes orbiting earth

Paired up via Bluetooth Crew can easily send and receive free form text messages via their phone or tablet, the MiWingman companion app is available to both IOS and Android users.

Send free form text messages in a chat style layout, select per-defined text messages and edit/append if required.

Crew can fill in flight folio styles forms for departure/arrival for manually captured details over and above automatic events already triggered by the device.

Operations can change the tracking report rate and send the new configuration to the device over the air, or the crew can change the update rate as required.