• Web-based Tracking - No Installation Required
  • Multi User Enabled
  • Multi Language Enabled
  • Multiple Map Sets
  • Multiple Cost Centers & Groups for Aircraft and Users
  • Local (per user) and GMT Time Reference
  • User Configurable Notifications & Theme & Information Fields
  • User Changes Audit Trail
  • Multiple Security Groups & Assignable Users
  • Automated Reports
  • Advanced Notifications Panel

MiTrac is a web-based tracking platform, included with any IndigoSat SA hardware. The system is easy to use with a logical layout - Split into four main sections, Overview for current fleet locations and status, History for historical flights split by day and per flight leg, Reports for generating adhoc or scheduling automatic reports, Alerts for configuring automatic notifications based on user set rules/parameters.

Various map options including SkyVector powered charts VRF,World Low & World High as optional.

Where is my aircraft now?

The Asset Overview screen shows the last reported location of your aircraft/fleet

Where has my aircraft been?

The History screen shows the historical flight data, with each individual position and it relevant statuses.

Notifications/Alerts Panel for Automatic notifications of Events

Instead of watching a screen live all day, configure automatic notifications to notify users of arrivals, departures, violations etc. via email and/or sms

Report Center

Generate adhoc reports from historical flight data for review/analysis, recent event activity or schedule them to automatically arrive in your email inbox when required.

Administration Panel

The Administration panel allows for control of the access to the system, adding cost centers, groups, users, user rights etc.