Track Megan's Flight Progress

In a little bit of a last minute rush, IndigoSat has thrown together a little site for all to follow Megan’s progress online. We’ve provide UDream with an IndigoDUO, which is typically hooked up to “MiTrac”. MiTrac is our fleet management system, but its designed for secure individual logins which would not work for random users to follow online, So in a last minute rush we asked the Dev Guru’s to “just throw the last tracking points on a map”. So no bells or whistles here, just dots on a map as we requested so you can all see 🙂


Because we really did leave this to the last minute, we could have interrupted the developer from playing call of duty…or whatever games these guys play these days. This area has been dedicated for us to update you all should we have any hickups with this feed. So if you think something is wonky, refresh the browser and look here for any “ooops” notices. The page does not auto refresh positions, if you want to see the latest positions you’ll have to refresh the page.