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IndigoSat has undertaken a restructuring process, the outcome of which is the complete separation
of the Australian and South African operations with effect from 21 June 2013.
IndigoSat (South Africa)
will assume sole responsibility for hardware related enquiries, sales and support. Please contact sales@indigosat.com for additional information or help, or visit www.indigosat.co.za for more details on the available tracking products.
IndigoSat (Australia)
will assume sole responsibility for software enquiries, sales and support.
Please contact support@indigosat.com for assistance with IndigoTrack and web tracking on this site, or finance@indigosat.com for enquiries regarding the Online Shop or account.


Welcome to IndigoSat - the home of the most cost-effective and efficient satellite tracking solutions for aircraft

IndigoSat's systems are aviation-specific, and provide fixedwing and helicopter operators with real operational benefits, that regularly bring financial return. They can be installed on any aircraft, anywhere, under a variety of certification options in as little as 4 hours. 

Contact us today to find out how these systems can benefit your operation.

Activate your new IndigoSat system.                        Visit the tracking website for portable devices.

"Having linked the system into our own electronic scheduling system makes for timeous prediction of delays to enable adequate reaction to prepare and pacify demanding guests. Knowing exactly where the aircraft are in this vast nothingness of Namibia, induces a sense of calm amongst crew and operations staff"

Ian Du Rand
Sefofane Namibia



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Indigo One Satellite Tracking and Communication

The Indigo One is the most cost-effective solution to track (in real-time), communicate with and manage aircraft from the Ops Center, office or home on a 24/7/365 basis.

Indigo One encompasses everything an aircraft owner or operator needs to prudently and proficiently operate an aircraft.

Indigo MOBILE Satellite Tracking

The Indigo MOBILE is a portable satellite tracking system, which incorporates more functionality than any other product on the market, yet at a better price. 

The Indigo MOBILE is the perfect choice for operators who need basic flight following at exceptional value, whilst still getting additional important information from your aircraft.

IndigoTrack Aircraft Management System

The IndigoTrack aircraft fleet tracking system provides a comprehensive solution for real-time tracking of your aircraft efficiently, simply and cost-effectively.
Alternatively, use the navigation options on the left to find out more about the many advantages and features of IndigoSat's systems, and how they can bring real and measurable benefit to you.
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